Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-Great Taste Update #2

The events just keep rolling in.

Alchemy - Upland Brewing Company - additional detail on this is that Brewer Caleb Stanton will be at Alchemy pouring will start at 8pm or thereabouts. They will be pouring a number of Upland brews including: Upland Oktoberfest, Upland Wheat, and Baddest Elmer's Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter (!Sweet!!) (location: East/Atwood)

The Malt House - O'So Brewing Company - not sure yet which brews will be poured, but Founder and Brewer Marc Buttera will be there to sign autographs and kiss babies. (location: East/Atwood)

Drackenberg Cigar Bar - Potosi Brewing Company - unsure which beers will be poured, but Head Brewer, and ex-Bells Brewer, Steve Buszka will be there to answer whatever questions you can throw at him. Personally, I'm really excited about this one. Even though Drackenbergs is next to impossible for me to get to, it's a great little cigar bar with a fun, rotating taplist. (location: Near North)


  1. Awesome. Maybe I'm just missing this but on what dates are these?

  2. they are all friday, the 13th.

  3. Any word yet on if Goose Island is going back to Sardine? Last year that event was almost as good as the Taste, and way more free.


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