Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let The Drooling Begin - Great Taste of the Midwest PreParty #1

Yes, it is still 3 weeks before the Great Taste of the Midwest. 19 days and 6.5 hours to be precise. But who's counting?

If you don't have a ticket, now is time to start hauling out the knee pads, join the Homebrewer's Guild, plan your storming of the gates; whatever it is that you think you need to do to get tickets because chances are you did not get tickets during the 3 hours they were on sale back in May. And, please, do not ask me for tickets. I don't have any. At least not for you.

Friday night, of course, has becoming a tradition. Great Taste Eve. Whatever you want to call it. We should have a naming competition. What should the evening of pre-party debauchery be called? Best answer will win something. Not sure what yet, but we'll figure it out.

Anyway. The plans are still being put together for all of the events going on Friday, August 13th (ooo....Friday the 13th!!!). But the first confirmations are in.

Drum Roll Please:

- Jordan's Big 10, come on down! (but please turn off that damned music on your website) And bring Stone Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company with you. Typically one of the first events to start, the taps turn on at 4pm and will Jordan's will become "normal" again at 9pm. (location: Regent/Monroe)

- Brickhouse BBQ: Shorts Brewing Co. and Central Waters will be on-tap hosted by BeerSpot.com (location: Downtown)

- Barriques on West Washington: Hinterland Brewery will be bringing some special kegs to put on tap. Stop in for a nice cup o' joe to keep you awake while you party. Heck, have some great artisan cheese and grab some munchies too. (location: Downtown)

- Brasserie V: Shelton Brother Importers are taking over the taps, possibly with some surprises that you won't find anywhere else in the country. (location: Regent/Monroe)

- Alchemy: Will be having a beer dinner with Southern Tier on Tuesday August 10th, and will have Upland Brewing Company from Indiana on Friday, August 13th. The Upland Ard Ri Imperial Red is one of my favorite midwestern beers. (location: Atwood/East)

-Maduro: I don't have official confirmation, but I will bet dollars to doughnuts that Bells will take over all the taps like they have for the past 87 gazillion years. (location: Downtown)


  1. Let the games begin! Thanks, Jeff, for the early update of the always-fun Great Taste Friday night pre-parties. Even if you don't have a "golden ticket" to the main event Saturday, you can still sample great (and limited release) beers at many Madison venues. Many of the out-of-state brewers are at these spots, and they're always fun and engaging--they love Madison and the beer fans who flock to the events. As for a name for the Great Taste Eve..."Eve of Destruction?" "The Great Waste?" Cheers to all!

  2. Here's a tentative beer list for my buddies' at the Beer Spot's bash at Brickhouse.


    Excited to try some of Shorts' stuff as I haven't had the opportunity to in the past.

  3. Thanks for the link Travis. Just put up another post with more events.

    Badger: love "The Great Waste"

  4. Lake Louie will be at Natt Spil and Potosi will be at Drackenberg's Cigar Bar. I don't have times, but both are confirmed for Friday the 13th.

  5. Also, Maduro has 25 Bells taps, starting at 2pm. no samples, no flights, just pints for sale.

  6. Thanks for the updates tylerlawman, those will get into the third update for the day.

  7. The Haze is will four or five taps devoted to Lagunitas on Friday.

  8. Wow, bad use of preview button. The Haze will have four or five taps devoted to Lagunitas on Friday.

  9. The tap list for Short's at the Brickhouse has changed and is posted at the link that Travis put up above.


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