Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ticking Away The Moments That Make Up A Dull Day

So, yeah, my posting has been less than consistent lately. A new job is part of the reason (yes, you can still hate me for being an attorney), but the other reason is the complete and utter lack of any news in the craft brewing world. To wit:

Harpoon Cans Some Beer - I can't remember if I posted about the Harpoon Summerfest I went to a couple of years back - it was, admittedly, a blast - but Harpoon's beer isn't exactly something that you wait with baited breath for. It's good, to be sure, but good in kind of the same ways that Bells or Goose Island is good - it's ubiquitous, and there's nothing, save a few brands, to really get your panties in a bunch over. But they're now jumping on the can-wagon. Cool. I guess. I'm digging that more and more breweries are putting beer into cans - it's easier to handle and store and not to mention cheaper than bottles.

For Some Inexplicable Reason The Chicago Tribune Wrote About Horny Goat - I'll save the review because frankly the beer isn't worth either my time to write it, or your time to read it. Apparently, Michael Burke at the Tribune had nothing else to do that day.

It's A Travesty Of Freedom That You Can't Carry A Firearm Into A Bar - the first sentence is hook, line and sinker: "Lovers of freedom suffered a defeat yesterday when Gov. Phil Bredesen (D) vetoed a bill passed by the state legislature 'that would allow Tennessee's 270,000 gun permit holders to carry their firearms into bars, nightclubs, museums, zoos, and other establishments that have liquor licenses'" Can't take a gun to the zoo!? Come on, Gov! How else am I gonna bag me a rhinoceros?

Some Navel Gazing - Dipsomaniacs? Beer writers? Moi? An interesting back and forth about not beer writers not talking about getting and/or being drunk. Frankly, I think it has less to do with "adher[ing] to taboos of those realities that make brewery accountants in ill fitting suits uncomfortable" [i.e., liability for when drunk people do stupid things] and more to do with simple common decency. I don't need to tell you that when I went to a festival I got hammered - everyone gets hammered when they go to festivals. You're probably more interested in who or what was at said festival. "When one reads the exploits of beer writers reporting from shadowy marketing meetings, on PR junkets, of the event that they are at that just happens to be sponsored or another fest where they meet all their friends the brewers for hours of clinky clinky and you can, too... well, why not? It's not only the free samples that friends envy not to mention the ad money - but the role of being that bit nearer to the beloved fluid so as to earn favour." For what it's worth, I try to be very upfront about being given things. Often if I AM given something I don't write about it. If I am given something and write about, I try very hard to disclose that fact. The reality is, I buy almost every beer that I review or write about here. Do I have my favorites? Of course I do. But so do you.


  1. I found this little dust-up across the pond interesting; reminds me of some of the 'I've got a bigger/better cellar' arguements that fly around the RB and BA crowd.

    And a response from Roger Protz:

    FWIW-I respect both of these writers, but any comment regarding subsets of a group (CAMRA in this case) should be made without reference to the larger group. I'm not going to go off on some members of mhtg for being smucks, I'm going to go off on some beer drinkers who were being shmucks. There are too many pompous asses in the beverage industry (wine specifically) and the number seems to be growing in the beer portion of it. That's not a good thing.

  2. Here here David. I will drink to that.


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