Monday, December 21, 2009

Tyranena Sheep Shagger

Tyranena Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale
BeerAdvocate (A-). RateBeer (UR).
Appearance: hazy burnished copper, with a foamy golden tan head; I really like the look of this beer, it looks pretty in my authentic imperial pint glass; it has very fine carbonation
Aroma: malt and rising bread; a low alcohol-like aroma in the back;
Flavor: hard and malty; with a surprisingly clean finish; a bit of hops and alcohol and a very slight viscosity to it that keeps the malt flavors; not as complex as, say, the Lake Louie Louie's Reserve, but very tasty
Body: the water hardness was a bit surprising; I expected a softer, more pillow-y, viscous, mouthfeel and didn't really get that at all; the finish is cleaner than I would have expected
Drinkability: A very versatile beer that would pair well with just about any traditional midwestern winter meal from spaghetti and meatballs to meatloaf, lasagna, beef brisket stew, or ... well ... lamb
Summary: This is a very fine beer and if it seems like I'm picking at nits it's because there's really nothing to not like about this beer; it is what it says it is, and while I'd like to see softer water, or more malt complexity, I'd heartily recommend this along with Lake Louie's fine scotch ales

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