Monday, December 7, 2009


I'll keep it relatively brief, but wanted to point this out. New Belgium, following in the steps of Sam Adams and hundreds of Belgian breweries, have created a "special" glass for their beer. You can purchase it here.

In typical fashion, each feature of the glass serves a specific purpose: a narrow opening that enhances aroma, a globe shape that focuses the aroma, etchings in the bottom that create surface blemishes to encourage bubbling, it is stemmed to prevent warming from the hand.

These glasses provide a couple of functions other than the specifics pointed out. First, they are great marketing pieces, providing another avenue of customer recognition. It also presents the product in a unique fashion that allows the brewery to be creative in a manner in-tune with its own philosophies. Finally, from a pure price perspective, it provides an interesting presentation in a respectful manner and, chances are, it isn't a full 16oz pint - yet bars can, and will, charge full "pint" prices. Thus, more servings from each barrel at the same price.


  1. In the quest for specialized glassware; I have settled on the amazing selection I found at Buying one style from each of the different breweries which offered something was getting frustrating, though I do appreciate the slight variations - attributes of some of the glasses.

  2. I do like both the New Belgium Glass and the Sam Adams glass.
    I have a huge collection of glassware that I've built over the last nearly 20 yrs. Most were found at garage sales and second hand shops and I've realized that just keeping your eyes open can lead to great finds. And if you know what you want...grab it when you see it. No need to be brand specific just shape-aware.
    pubglasses looks like an ok option, but I really hate glassware that's 12oz because there's no room for a good pour; I like to pour the entire bottle in one go - I do like their 'classic pilsner' that's 16oz and sort-of goblet shaped.

  3. The New Belgium glass is 18.4oz (.54L) it lists .47L (15.9oz) on the glass but this is the recommended fill line with a good head taking up the rest of the glass.

  4. Glassware is available in variety of sizes and shapes, cookery to one of a wide reange of wine types and flavors. The glassware is ideal for an official dinner party or as a means of a hard day at the office.

  5. Very distinct on the glass eh? I do agree with solly on this topic. Well for me, aroma and flavour is everything. I don't care about the packaging or the colour. If it makes my beer look good and tasty then it's a plus. I do bar reviews locally and I do have several related stories about this. Come and check it out. Cheers!


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