Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today

On the first part of this weeks podcast, we check in with Aran Madden of Furthermore Beer to talk about their third annual Shitty Barn Party and the release of their fall seasonal Fallen Apple.

Here's the mp3



  1. Are contract brews still looked down upon like "red headed step children"? Does anybody remember Bad Frog? The frog flipping the bird, I think they were a contract brew. The closest things to that now I would say is "Horny Goat". They have 3 watered down beers made by Point. The other goofy contract beer out there is "Buffalo Waters. It's supposed to be the best beer with Chicken wings, I mean buffalo wings. Yea I'm sure it is. (sarcasm intended)

    I guess my whole comment here is very few contract brews have any integrity. They are mostly scheisters trying to make a quick buck or satisfy there egos. It seems like the guys at Furthermore are not in this mold. That is a refreshing change.

  2. When I was at Quivey’s beer festival last weekend I was really enjoying that Dancing Man beer, I must have had a good dozen or so of those little beers. When I was getting another glass at their booth I heard some guy talking about how they contract brew their raspberry tart in some brewery up north near Black River Falls. Is that true?

  3. Anonymous #2, it sounds like you're getting Furthermore and New Glarus mixed up; Dancing Man and Raspberry Tart are both New Glarus beers. None of their beer is contract brewed, but they have two breweries, and the Raspberry Tart is made at the old brewery exclusively. Maybe that was the confusion?


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