Friday, May 15, 2009

Beer Review: New Glarus IPA

A few online forums, RateBeer and BeerAdvocate, publish Style Guides for reviewers in their respective ratings systems. Of course, the homebrewers submit their IPAs according to the BJCP Style Guide. Andy Crouch spins a new story on the old story. Roger Protz counters with a more traditional recounting. DJ Spiess settles the issue. IPAs are like gin. Wondered where goes? Ever wondered about the Dankenstein? Want to know how to brew an IPA? This is a good place to start.

Apparently I've reviewed the New Glarus IPA before (must have been a Tuesday).

New Glarus IPA
Appearance: a thick bar of beige on top of well carbonated burnished copper
Aroma: a sticky smell of flowers and oranges and garlic; a well-based malty sweetness behind
Flavor: sticky and caramel; a strong hop presence, but doesn't come off as bitter
Body: strong bodied, it coats my mouth well, making the bottle drink slowly; hops finish clean
Drinkability: While sessionability is probably low, I could drink a couple of these with dinner easily
Summary: very nice; nothing cute or over the top, one of the best overall brews you're going to find anywhere; personally, for IPAs I like a bit more wollop in the hops, a less balanced beer - and dang it, if that makes me weird, so be it; makes me want to ditch the Americans for the British.

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