Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost Done With IPAs

I promise you, we're almost done with IPAs. Are you sick of them yet? I'll be honest. I'm getting there. My palatte has taken a beating and is shot. I can't taste anything hops and bitter and citrus.

I do this for you, I hope you're happy.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a gorgeous day. I hope you took the time to head on over to the WORT Block Party. It was a blast. Good music. Great beer.

IPAs on tap that weren't/aren't being reviewed here:

Lake Louie Kiss The Lips IPA: one of those under-rated brews, that I often forget about, but it's really a pretty good IPA. I tend to think of Lake Louie for darker beers (the stouts and scotch ales), and sometimes forget that the cream ale and IPA (not to mention the pale) are pretty darn good in their own rights.

Great Dane IIPA: the Texas Speed Bump IPA is a Madison classic, with its assertive, but sessionable, cascade profile it's usually a good default at The Dane; this IIPA ramps up the Speed Bump into my preferred territory for IPAs. I'm not sure it's quite so big as a lot of IIPAs out there, but it's really pretty good and about as "big" as The Dane's typical drink-something-other-than-swill-while-we're-here crowd would tolerate.

I wasn't around for it, but supposedly the Bitter Woman was going to be tapped, and, unfortunately, Grumpy Troll's Maggie did not make an appearance.

Some other IPAs to keep an eye for on the shelves: Lakefront's IPA, which admittedly, I haven't had; Tyranena's Rye IPA, the next in the Brewer's Gone Wild series that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Coming up later this week to officially end our IPAs is the O'So Hopdinger and the Central Waters Glacial Trail.

Which other Wisconsin IPAs am I forgetting??


  1. Sand Creek's Wild Ride is great. Tyranena's Scurvy is out (IPA w/ orange peel) in six packs.

  2. I was going to post the same thing about Sand Creek. Wild Ride has become my favorite Wisconsin Pale Ale. It kind of reminds me of Bells Two Hearted.

    Scurvy is also awesome.


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