Friday, February 13, 2009

MBR In Chicago - Sorry, Actually In Chicago

Sorry, no post today - or at least not till later, if at all. I'm actually in Chicago and last night I didn't get a chance to post about New Belgium. I had a great post in mind all about how Wisconsin should start getting New Belgium and their Pale Ale that's now available (Mighty Arrow). It was good stuff. Unfortunately, last night and today is too busy for a post proper. So, a brief commandment will have to do:

NOTE TO WISCONSIN DISTRIBUTORS. GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND START IMPORTING NEW BELGIUM. Heck, we got Steamboat Willie, or Steamengine, or Steamwhatever and seemingly every other beer made in Colorado. What's holding up New Belgium?


  1. Hey, maybe...just maybe it's not the distributors that are holding up access to New Belgium. It could be that the brewery is trying to manage their growth - kinda like New GLARUS.

    Also, I don't think 'import' is the correct word for what you're describing. Carrying? Selling? gosh maybe 'Distributing' would be a better term.


  2. With more and more breweries, i think we will start seeing less Stone phenomenons and a lot more beers only available i think that 'import' is extremely appropriate when talking about New Belgium. the Old Fashioned uses 'imports' for their non WI beers, i think it is great.


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