Thursday, January 15, 2009

Audience Participation: Capital Brewery Edition

Like we said on Tuesday, no audio this week - but it'll be back next week. In the meantime, here's some interesting stuff you'll want to read:

Beer Dorks: Feel The Fire - Eddie does a vertical tasting of Capital's Autumnal Fire to solve the mystery of The Great Lessening. His theory, as well as mine, is that Capital has mucked with the recipe of the Autumnal Fire. I'll let you decide whether said "mucking" is a good thing, but needless to say, the theory is that last year's Autumnal Fire was more Oktoberfest than Dopplebock, while the "original" recipe was definitely more "dopple", more full-bodied and complex. I won't ruin the fun, but I do want to add one comment. I don't have a problem with Capital mucking with their recipes, if they are messing with them, but at least cop to it. And, to be fair, I will admit that around '07 is when I first saw Capital advertising the fact that the Autumnal Fire was built on a marzen base. But maybe that's why we think they are messing with it; knowing the information has opened our eyes to it.

Speaking of Capital, Robin Shepard has a review of Capital's Barbara Imperial Doppelbock. I haven't had it, so I have no comment. But, is it too little too late? Never! If it's good, great! Robin seems to love it. We could use a brewery pushing the boundaries on lagers. But, if it's anything like the Baltic Porter ...

And, speaking of Capital, again. Here's something to think about, mull over in your head, and comment on: Do you expect that 100% of the wheat in Capital's Island Wheat actually comes from Washington Island? Do you expect that Chardonnays contain 100% Chardonnay grapes? Do you expect that "All Beef" hotdogs are actually 100% beef? Are these three questions related?

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