Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Article on Small Brew

MBR has published its first non-this-site article over at the cultural criticism magazine PopMatters. Typically a site featuring music criticism, I think this might be the first article about craft beer they've published.

Called "Small Brew", my article looks at some theories for the explosive growth in the craft beer segment over the past few years. The basic theory is that craft beer has tapped into the perfect storm of gen-y interconnectedness, the diy/underground ethic of American craft brewing, and frustration with consolidation at the top of the industry. Don't worry, a couple of Wisconsin breweries made it into the article.

Please click through and give it a read.

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  1. Nice job working in a New Glarus and Tyranena plug. Chicory is a more widely accepted spelling (as opposed to chickory).


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