Monday, March 3, 2008

Audience Participation - Surprises

What places have had the most suprising tap (or bottle) lists, either good or bad?

I was out at Tyrol Basin, in Mount Horeb, late last week and their tap list is suprisingly strong: 2 New Glarus (Spotted Cow and Fat Squirrel), Capitol Maibock, Hopalicious, and the left field entry of Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald. Not to mention the half a dozen expected macros on tap. I was pleasantly suprised not only at the quality of the taps, but the Edmund Fitzgerald is an awesome non-local, craft selection; they easily could have chosen something like Sierra Nevada or Sam Adams. The bottle choice was a little bland, but with that stuff on tap, who needs bottles? And while I didn't have one, the Bloody Mary's look awesome.

In the suprisingly bad category, is Queen Anne's at the Westside Club; only two selections Coors Light and Labatt's. As I think I've mentioned before, I'm a sucker for Labatt's, but still - only two beer selections at a supper club serving a pretty good fish fry? And, Coors Light? I would have expected at least Miller Light.

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  1. Dexter's Pub has a nice tap list: Capital, New Glarus, Lake Louie Milk Stout, Ale Asylum, Great Lakes Eliot Ness, Bell's HopSlam and I don't remember what else. Their tap list may not be a surprise to y'all, but last week was my first time in the place.


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